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Protesting Anti-Israel Propaganda in the Los Angeles Times and Beyond

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A United Israel is Determined to Finish the Job:

Despite the customary heavy international pressure on Israel to stop its Gaza military operation to eliminate Hamas and free 240 hostages, Israel is pressing on determined to finish the job. As we know from past wars with hamas, international pressure and over-dependence on US weapons support has succeeded in deterring Israel from doing so. But the barbarity and scale of the October 7 hamas massacre of 1,200 Israelis, the brutal murders, rape, torturing, burning, and killing whole families, burning and beheading babies, and kidnapping around 240 hostages including children and babies has united Israelis, giving them the national political will to resist the pressure and insist on their right and duty to see the mission completed.
Above: Families of the 240 hostages embark on a 5 day march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to demand a deal to bring home at least some of the hostages.

Meanwhile, beyond Israel's borders, the PR war rages on. The conflict as expressed by Nikki Haley, a great friend of Israel, is a clear choice between good and evil, between a law abiding democratic state and a barbaric terrorist organization.
Supporters of hamas openly express their hatred of 'Zionists', today's code word for Jewish people. Anti-Zionism is the latest form of antisemitism. The animosity is intense and at times violent. Calls to 'globalize the intifada' are an explicit threat of violence. Police forces around the Western world have not taken this matter seriously enough, in some cases even preferring to take the easier route of clamping down on Jewish counter protesters abiding by the rules. Since hamas doesn't play by the rules it's no surprise their supporters don't either.
Click to read a Times of Israel report on the March
Above: On November 14, 2023, close to 300,000 supporters of Israel joined a March For Israel in Washington DC.

Jewish students are afraid on US campuses as top school administrations fail to assert control or even criticize the bullying and intimidation tactics used by hamas supporters. Harvard, MIT, Columbia, PENN, and CUNY are particulary hostile environments with MIT actually refusing to discipline hamas supporting rule breakers who are often foreign students because it would cause them "visa issues".
Racist antisemitic even genocidal rhetoric and signs have been a major feature of pro-hamas demonstrations, especially in the UK and other Western European countries. Before her dismissal from the UK Govt, Suella Braverman, UK Home Secretary, was courageous enough to call the pro-hamas demonstrations 'hate marches' and criticized the London police's overly-tolerant approach to them. Jewish people have been physically attacked in Europe, Australia, and the US when demonstrating for Israel or opposing pro-hamas rallies.
The fact is Moslems outnumber Jews in most foreign countries and often by a large multiple. That makes it all the more important to mobilize as many as possible in the Jewish Community to speak up for Israel whenever and wherever we can. Please follow us on X/Twitter and join in with us on our recommended actions. 11/17/23


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The Proportionate Response is to Destroy Hamas:

A week of infamy in which the world has seen up close, and as personal as it gets, the unfathomable barbarity of Hamas terrorists after they launched a surprise mass attack on Israel from Gaza. Cold blooded brutal murder, rape, murdering and decapitating babies, kidnapping women and children and dragging them to Gaza as hostages. The horrendous death toll of the Hamas Massacre is 1,300 at time of writing and still rising.
Click to view video
Through the first 4 days of this nightmare Israel has been getting sympathy from Western countries. But as Israel's retaliatory bombardent of Gaza steps up, the media sympathy and manipulation for hamas war criminals increases. Typical is the misused 'proportionality' argument always leveled at Israel to try to prevent it from achieving victory.
But what is the proportionate response? Since Hamas' stated aim is to destroy Israel, G-D Forbid, and as it frantically attempts to carry out its ambitions, it is abundantly clear that the proportionate response to Hamas is to destroy Hamas.
Every one of us in the Friends of Israel community has a part to play in aiding Israel. Whether by prayers, volunteering, demonstrations, social media advocacy, or donations, each and every one of us must step up and do what needs to be done to help Israel. Please post this message on your favoured social media - THE PORPORTIONATE RESPONSE IS TO DESTROY HAMAS. It's as easy as retweeting us on X/Twitter. Please, speak up for Israel and do whatever you can to help. 10/13/23

Defeating Antisemitism Requires Jewish Action First:

People respect those who stand up for themselves. First and foremost it is up to us, the Jewish people, to defend ourselves when attacked - when we do, the non-Jewish world comes forward with their support. This action and reaction was evident in the recent experience with vile anti-Jewish racist Kanye West, following his tirade of blatantly antisemitic statements, including an explicit threat to go "death con 3 on Jewish people". After a concerted campaign by Jewish groups, social media bans, and a petition by Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), Kanye West's major sponsors have cancelled their partnerships with him citing his antisemitism as the reason. Among the slowest to do so was Adidas, who finally cut him off after the uproar went viral. We can defeat all our enemies when we are united and determined.

If I am not for myself who will be for me (Avot 1:14). When we speak up others follow. Reese Witherspoon was among many other celebrities and members of the public who spoke up against antisemitism.

JtB will continue to use all its resources to combat anti-Jewish hate wherever we find it. Follow JtB and get active on social media. 10/27/22

The Nazis on the So-called Left - Amnesty International:

Social media has emboldened racists of all types, and amplified their messages of hate. No more so than the rabid anti-Jewish variety. The upsurge in antisemitism ranges from Farrakhan's vile racist anti-Jewish rhetoric and physical attacks by blacks on Jews, to vile antisemitic hate messages of neo-nazis spread in flyers and on banners hung from freeway bridges, to the deligimitization efforts and lies of the nazis on so-called left like AOC and the squad and most recently Amnesty International (AI) spreading antisemitic 'apartheid' lies about Israel in its latest report, a document that uses the language of the nazis under the guise of 'human rights'. Encouragingly, AI has been strongly condemned around the globe for its latest attack on Israel.

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The truth behind Amnesty International's lies is that it is a group of nazi anti-Jewish racists using antisemitism to achieve its political aims. Follow JtB and get active on social media.

AI has status as a 'charity' and gets tax breaks on the money it raises. However, its activities indicate it is a racist anti-Jewish pro-plo political group that is using antisemitism to achieve its ambitions just like hitler and the nazis did. We must fight back.
Please reach out to the Charity Commission, which oversees charity registrations in the UK, using all the social media tools at your disposal, and request AI's fake 'charitable' status be revoked. See an example here. Please also follow JtB on twitter and facebook, and retweet and share our posts. 2/22/22

How to Boycott the Anti-Israel Media:

Many people ask us how do I boycott the anti-Israel media when they're all against Israel? Good question. And here's the answer:
True. They're nearly all anti-Israel. But there are outlets we can hard boycott successfully because we don't need them and certainly shouldn't be paying for their antisemitic anti-Israel propaganda. These include NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, and TIME. Boycott their websites too; don't click on their links and don't post their links to others. Use screenshots instead when referring to them. Denying these media outlets vital income and website hits (which translate into income) helps stop the spread of their antisemitic plo-hamas propaganda and replaces a negative for Israel and the Jewish people with a positive.
But we need to get our news somehow, right? So choose one of the non-subscription mainstream outlets, ABC, CBS, or NBC, FOX, follow them, and when you see an example of their antisemitic anti-Israel propaganda get on social media and condemn their lies and distortions in the strongest language, without threats or vulgarity, on every social media platform you can. You can also take additional actions like asking your friends to Join the Boycott, and following Join the Boycott on twitter and facebook, and retweet and share our posts. 6/3/21

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Yes. Boycott the Anti-Israel Media. The corrupt antisemitic plo-hamas propaganda media. Cancel your LA Times, NY Times, etc. and condemn the media at every opportunity - photo JtB

The Media are Spreading Antisemitism:

Mainstream and social media are spreading antisemitism. How? By defending the war crimes of genocidal hamas terrorists and blocking Israel's side and its supporters. The media are the issue for Friends of Israel in the Galut. The community can ignore that JtB message no more. Biden's tilt toward Iran has caused the Middle East to erupt in flames with the hamas war criminals firing 4000 plus rockets at Israeli civilians causing substantial loss of life and property damage. Every rocket is a war crime.
It is becoming increasingly clear that Biden and extremist democrats are carrying forward obama's playbook of abandoning Israel and realigning the US with Iran. He has even offered billions in aid to Iran as 'a good will gesture'. Money that no doubt will go straight into more hamas missiles aimed at Israeli civilians.
Eli Wiesel said: The Holocaust was not about "man's inhumanity to man. No. It was man's inhumanity to Jews." We see that inhumanity to Jews today in the antisemitic anti-Israel media around the globe. Day after day they show gaza suffering and ignore Israeli suffering. Their propaganda 'humanizes' even glorifies hamas terrorists while it dehumanizes Israelis. This process has been going on for a generation and has produced the violence toward Jewish people we see on the streets of Israel and in the Galut. We are truly under attack and we must redouble our efforts on the streets, on social media, and in organizing in self-defense. 5/27/21

A sea of American and Israeli flags at a demo in support of Israel in Beverly Hills - click to see avideo of the scene
Yes. Jewish Lives Matter. Click here to see a video of a demo in support of Israel in Westwood in Los Angeles

Yes. Jewish Lives Matter and Boycott the Complicit Anti-Israel Media. Showing support for Israel in Beverly Hills (upper) and Westwood (lower) - photos JtB

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely:

The corrupt democrat-monopoly media succeeded in manipulating the election for Biden. Half the country doesn't believe he actually won the election, including some democrats. The democrats now control every facet of the power structure in the US - Government, Federal institutions, the media, social media, and the courts. No more appropriate saying today than power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely.
As a result US policy toward Israel has regressed quickly under Biden undoing 4 years of significant progress toward peace.
Biden is courting plo terrorists again, giving them money to fund their war crimes, resurrecting the slanderous "occupation" narrative, restoring funding of corrupt terror supporting UN institutions like UNRWA, and going soft on Iran. These policies translate into more Israeli casualties G-D Forbid.
Don't stay silent Israel advocates. Let Biden know at every opportunity and on every social media platform his policies are wrong and unacceptable. 4/9/21

Black Lives Matter Alienates the Jewish Community:

Predictably for causes emanating from the so-called 'left', the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, that rightly seeks justice for George Floyd and other black victims of police brutality, has alienated Jewish people by taking an extreme anti-Israel position and failing to condemn the vicious antisemitism exhibited by its protagonists such as Farrakhan, Ice Cube, and numerous others. Every day a new batch of ugly racist attacks on Jewish people or on Israel is prominent in social media and ignored by the mainstream. Kerry-Anne Mendoza (see below) in the UK is typical of a racist repeatedly attacking and physically threatening Jewish people, including the leaders of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Social media has been especially responsible for the rapid spread of anti-Jewish racism, with recent young favourite TikTok among the worst. Coming in the midst of a pandemic, which BLM mass protests have helped spread (a reality the media is suppressing), it has only added to the general air of public dismay over the battered economy and social disorder. Jtb calls on pro-Israel advocates to respond to attacks on the Jewish Community. There will be no end to racism until there's an end to anti-Jewish racism, including black anti-Jewish racism. #JewishLivesMatter 6/23/20

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